Male Extra Canada – Does it Work?

Male Extra Canada – Where to Buy Male Extra In Canada

Male Extra is the natural virility supplement that has helped many men reclaim their sex lives.

Male Extra Canada
Male Extra male enhancement

Male Extra is completely natural, incredibly effective and available to buy without prescription.

If you want to improve the appearance and performance of your erection – use “Natures virility supplement

  • Improve Blood Flow To The Penis
  • Achieve Bigger, Harder Erections
  • Maintain Erections For Longer
  • Experience More Intense Ejaculations

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A large majority of the male population will experience the embarrassment and torment of erections problems (erectile dysfuntion) at some point in their lives.

A large majority of men will also feel there is room for improvement with either the size or durability of their erection or their ejaculation experience.

How Does Male Extra Work

The penis is a very uncomplicated piece of human machinery – In order for it to function properly it needs a good supply of blood.

Blood flow and blood supply are the key factors that determines the size, strength and a durability of your erection.

Male Extra contains the best of breed ingredients to promote a healthy blood flow to your penis and help you achieve rock hard, sustained erections in a similar fashion to some of the prescribed treatments.

Chemically produced drugs although effective can also be detrimental to health. It is also difficult to obtain because of its stature and can cause side effects.

Male Extra is naturally formulated, available without prescription and is completely free from side effects.

What Are The Ingredients Of Male Extra

Male Extra contains clinically proven ingredients that between them have centuries of working proof from all four corner of the globe.

improve your virility, your penis definition and your sex life”

When combined this powerful formula will improve your virility, your penis definition and your sex life.

The main active ingredients are:

Natures Viagra

Pomegranate 70% Ellagic – Pomegranate has been dubbed “Natural libido” as it shares similarities in effect. This is no ordinary pomegranate though, each serving per Male Extra capsule is equivalent to 500 bottles of concentrated juice.

Proven to increase erection hardness and help with erection difficulties. Studies have found pomegranate increases nitric oxide (NO) involved in maintaining the health of your blood vessels.

L-Arginine – In addition to being one of the building blocks of proteins in the body, L-arginine has been shown to increase the ability to obtain erections and maintain stamina in men. It has also been reported to increase libido, as well as the intensity of sexual sensations in both men and women.

There have been many clinical studies conducted worldwide on the effect of L-Arginine on male sexual performance

Tongkat Ali – In a May 1999 report in the Sunday Times, Tongkat Ali has a proven level of success to increase sexual desire, libido, sexual performance and to treat erectile dysfunction in the Asian world for centuries.

Tongkat Ali appears to work by increasing levels of the testosterone which is the hormone responsible for creating sexual desire and increasing endurance, along with maintaining energy levels, mood and fertility.

Buy Male Extra

Male Extra is the real alternative to prescription medication. It is clinically proven, guaranteed and has numerous satisfied customers.

A 180 day money guarantee is in place in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied.

Latest statistics indicate a return rate of just over 2% and re-order rate of 91%

Male Extra has enhanced the sex lives of 9 out 10 customers.

Buy Male Extra Canada

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